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15 April 2022
15 April 2022
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Reactive Power Control Relay


Sigma reactive power control relay family has been developed for solutions for all kinds of compensation requirements such as three-phase or single-phase, balanced or unbalanced loads, normal variable loads or fast variable loads, where SVC is required and similar. It has 3 reactor trigger outputs in addition to 12 contact outputs. With Power thyristor driver modules connected to the reactor trigger output, it divides 3 reactors into thousands of slices and compensates with perfect precision. All operations are done with 20 ms fast measurements.

Main Features

  • Wide analyzer capability with 0.2% accuracy
  • Automatic correction thanks to connection test
  • The steps are constantly monitored while compensating, periodically, in a daily or weekly adjusted time, all of the steps are retested at once
  • Smart intervention and smart timing algorithms
  • The large graphic display and menus
  • Many features such as alarms, language selection, password protection, generator input, temperature alarm, separate compensation target warned by generator or digital input, and ability to enter compensation target in three different ways are available