Earth Leakage Protection Relay and Toroidal Transformer
14 April 2022
L.V Air Circuit Breakers
14 April 2022
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Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers


Sigma Elektrik Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers are designed in accordance with IEC EN 60947-2. They do not only ensure protection against overload or short circuits but also against earth leakages through solid state earth leakage protection trip unit. The result is all the needed functionalities without the need of additional external devices like toroidal transformers, shunt release, residual current breaker. Sigma Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers can be used in all the applications in residential, commercial and industrial segments.

Main Features

  • Thermic protection against overcurrent, magnetic protection against short circuit and earth leakage protection are all in one unit.
  • Nominal current up to 630A
  • Short circuit breaking current up to 50kA
  • Minimal space requirements in the electric panel thanks to compact design
  • Instantaneous residual current and trip current can be indicated on LED display
  • Adjustable earth leakage current threshold value from 30mA to 30A
  • Adjustable time delay from 100ms to 1sn