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14 April 2022
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L.V Contactors


Sigma Elektrik Low Voltage Contactors are designed in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-4-1. They are used remotely to control and protect (only in combination with thermal Overload Relays) electrical motors and other electrical loads such as lamps, capacitors, transformers, pumps etc. The contactors are used together with thermal Overload relays so as to protect the circuits likely to be overloaded in operation.

Main Features

7.1) 3 and 4 Phase Contactors up to 800A, are suitable for AC-1 and AC-3 application

  • Coil Voltage can be selected as 24V,42V, 48V,110V,230V,400V,415V AC
  • Easy assemble on 35mm DIN rail
  • Up to 100A standard 1NO+1NC auxiliary contact, from 100A to 800A standard 2NO+2NC auxiliary contact

7.2) Capacitor Switching Contactors

Sigma Elektrik  Capacitor Switching Contactors are specially produced for compensation systems and equipped with damping resistors to suppress the high switching currents.

In addition, thanks to the special V0 non-flammable tubing used on the outer surface of the current limiting resistors, it does not allow any fire risk during the flow of high currents.

Main Features

  • Up to 60 kVAr
  • Standard 1NO auxiliary contact
  • Thanks to the compensation contactors, the compensation system has a longer electrical and mechanical life.
  • 220-230 VAC 50/60 Hz coil voltage.

7.3) Reversing Contactors

Reversing contactor is the product built by combining two standard magnetic contactors by use of a highly reliable mechanical interlock unit. Reversing contactors are used in applications such as changing the polarity of the motor and transferring the energy between two energy sources. Change of polarity reverses the rotation direction of the motor.

  • 6 poles and 8 poles types
  • Mechanical interlock
  • Up to 800A
  • Produced with 2NO+2NC
  • High electrical and mechanical performance

7.4) Mini Type Contactors

Mini Type contactors have smaller in size than power contactors therefore it provides suitable usage when the space is limited

Main Features

  • Up to 16A(7,5kw)
  • Coil Voltage can be selected as 24V,42V, 48V,110V,230VAC
  • Standard 1NO or 1NC auxiliary contact, optional auxiliary contact block (2NO+2NC, 3NO+1NC, 4NO, 4NC)