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14 April 2022
Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
14 April 2022
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Earth Leakage Protection Relay and Toroidal Transformer


Sigma Elektrik SAR103LE high-tech earth leakage detection relays with associated Sigma toroidal transformers are designed to provide full protection against earth leakage current to ensure that people and premises are safe.

Sigma Elektrik earth leakage detection relays can be combined with the moulded case circuit breakers, the shunt release and the toroidal transformer of Sigma Electric to protect people against indirect and direct contact of earth leakage

 Main Features

  • Adjustable earth leakage current threshold value from 30mA to 30A
  • Type A
  • Trips an alarm if the earth leakage current exceeds the alarm threshold
  • Adjustable time delay from 50ms to 3sn
  • Trip time is less than 15 milliseconds
  • Easy assemble on 35mm DIN rail
  • User-friendly