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28 March 2018
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28 March 2018
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L.V Power Contactors

Low voltage contactors are produced according to IEC/EN 60947-4-1. They are used remotely to control and protect (in combination with thermal O/L Relays) electrical motors and other electrical Loads such as lamps,capacitors, transformers, pumps etc.. when the contactors are used together with thermal O/L relays, they protect the circuits against overload current.

Main Features

  • 3 and 4 poles ( opportunity to produce with 2NO+2NC contact when requested )
  • Current rating from 9A to 630A for AC3 (4..330KW)
  • Built-in 1NO+1NC Aux. contact from 9A to 85A
  • Built in 2NO+2NC Aux. contact from 100A to 630A
  • Wide range accessories
  • Various control voltage from 24V to 415V
  • DC production when requested
  • Opportunity to produce AC/DC common coils in 100A,125A,150A
  • Wide range of coil operation
  • High electrical and mechanical life
  • Comply with EN 60947-4-1