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2 February 2018
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28 March 2018
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Earth Leakage Protection Relay

Sigma leakage current protection relayis used together with LV circuit breaker, tripping coil and toroidal transformer in combination with leakage current protection.

The connections that must be made when using the leakage current detection relay;

  • Apply voltage 220V AC to the terminals 1-2.
  • Connect the secondary terminals of the toroidal transformer to terminals 6-7.
  • The supply voltage of the pickup coil is taken from terminal 13 and from the neutral point of the supply.
  • Depending on demand, you can test and reset remotly using terminals 3-4-5.


Main Features

  • Leakage current threshold value is between 30mA and 30A.
  • The electrical life is 100,000 and the mechanical life is 5,000,000.
  • The time delay setting can be set between 50ms and 350ms.
  • The turn on time is less then 15ms .
  • Power consumption is 3VA.
  • The operating frequency is 50Hz.
  • Mounting on 35mm DIN rail is possible.