L.V Instrument Transformers
28 March 2018
Digital Panelmeters
28 March 2018
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Analog Panelmeters

Measuring with analog measuring instruments is done by reading the position on a graduated scale of a moving ibn. Such devices are often used for AC current and voltage measurement because they are highly efficient, accurate in measurement and low cost. Rotary ammeters have replaceable scale. The scales are not linear and can be adjusted up to 20% of the full scale.

Main Features

  • 72*72mm and 96*96mm dimensions
  • Ct or Direct using Analog Ammeters
  • 0-250V or 0-500VAnalog Voltmeters
  • 1,5 Class for Ct using , 2,5 class for direct Using
  • IP20 Protection Degree for standard terminal covers
  • Comply with EN 60055-2