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2 February 2018
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28 March 2018
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Air Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) are produced according to IEC/EN 60947-2 and CE standards as fixed type and drawout type. When requested , it fullfils closing or tripping functions from remote by adding motor operators as well.

ACB fulfils 4 different functions.

  • Close and Trip the circuit
  • Protection against Overload
  • Protection against Short Circuit Current
  • Protection against Earth Leakage Current


Main Features

  • Rating from 630A to 6300A
  • 750 V AC Rated Insulation Voltage
  • 8kV Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage
  • 3 and 4 poles
  • Fixed and Drawout type
  • 80kA and 100kA ıcu Rated Ultimate Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity
  • Wide Range of Accessories
  • Complies with EN 60947-2